Fabric Planter - Retro Bunting

$18.00 AUD

*** For a limited time only, this comes with a bonus plastic saucer. ***

Now you can make those indoor plants in plastic pots look pretty.

With this fabric planter/plant pot basket you don't have to worry about buying a special pot for each of your succulents, cactus or indoor plants. You can easily alternate your plants into this planter and move them around especially when they need to be watered or give them fresh air outdoors.

If you're not a crazy plant person like me, this makes for a great organizer or neat storage container for stuff.


- Diameter - 14 cms (5 1/2")
- Height - 19 cms (7 1/2")

A plastic pot with a diameter of up to 14 cms will comfortably fit in this planter.

This is made of designer cotton canvas fabric and has been sprayed with waterproofing spray.

We recommend wiping off the bottom and making sure it's dry before placing your plant in the planter. Or you can place a saucer underneath.