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"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!' ~ from Peter Pan


"Every Kikay Bag is handmade with love, unique and individual, that no one else will have!"
~ Kikay Designs

Hi there!

My name is Monique and I’m the designer behind Kikay Designs. I established Kikay in 2007 in a small Sydney studio. I've always been interested in arts and craft and I wanted to channel the ideas in my head into something tangible… so I taught myself how to sew!

I have no formal training in design, expressing my art through trial and error. I want to be unique and so I also design my own patterns; all of my products are carefully thought out and handmade by me. One by one, each bag is sewn meticulously and with attention to detail.

Because I create my own patterns, and the fabric I source are very limited or can be rare or discontinued, all my bags are one-off or (once in a while!) very limited edition. More often than not, my initial idea won’t make it to the final product because I allow my designs to evolve gradually. And, the way I see it, mistakes are only creative accidents!

Honestly, I think I’d just get a little bored if I made the same kind of bags every day!

Thanks for dropping by!

~ Monique ~



Fun-Loving Handcrafted Bags Sewn With Love

10th September 2010

SYDNEY: From the humble beginnings of self taught bag designer to an emerging brand making its mark in the global Indie Handmade market, Kikay Designs is handcrafted bags sewn one at a time.

“The one thing I always get asked is, what does Kikay mean?” Designer, Monique, of the Kikay Designs label reflects. Kikay (pronounced “kee-kai”) is derived from the Filipino slang term for a fun-loving girl. “And that’s who my bags are for.”

Founded in a small, Sydney studio, Kikay Designs produces beautiful handcrafted bags, marrying the personality and vibrancy of cities like Sydney with the personality of the label’s namesake. And, with customers from global cities such as the European home of bohemia, Berlin, these bags find homes with the Kikay girl anywhere in the world.

Monique is a self taught designer, from creating patterns to learning how to sew, and she believes her designs are gradually evolving and always improving. She finds inspiration from her own personal creativity and the art she encounters from all aspects of her life. The handcrafted bags come in an array of playful colours and prints, hardly seen in mainstream designs. As Monique says, “We are all individuals that's why at Kikay, we make bags as individual as you are! And as the designer, I don’t follow fads and I’d rather make bags that people can love for a long time.”

For this reason, Kikay Designs offer limited editions, one-off designs and custom designed bags. Each bag is individually handmade, one at a time, to ensure that strict attention to detail is given to each product. With styles ranging from messenger bags to totes to hobos and clutches, Kikay Designs has the perfect bag for every Kikay girl.

Email: kikaydesign@gmail.com.
Website: www.kikaydesigns.com

You can also find Kikay Designs at these handmade online selling venues:
Made It: http://madeit.com.au/kikaydesigns
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KikayDesigns
Dawanda: http://kikay.dawanda.com

About Kikay Designs:
It all started when Monique’s daughter’s sewing machine was gathering dust in a corner. With an interest in art and handmade items, Monique saw this as the perfect opportunity to embrace her creative flair. Her love for beautiful, unique and one-off pieces led her to start designing bags in April 2007, and in June of the same year, the first Kikay Designs bag was sold.